Abracadabra Create What You Speak - Replay

iLan takes a spiritual look at life that includes your relationships, communication, spiritual development and connection to self, conscious community and career. This is all about how to navigate through life with joy and abundance, and through shifting your perception. 

iLan is a Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Licensed NLP, CBT and Kabbalah guide, Reiki & Sound Healer, and an artist.

Tune in for an hour of consciousness raising and fascinating guests from different walks of life that contribute to community and empower self-growth and abundance living. 

No topic is off-the-table and all ideas are welcome.

Take a break from the daily activities to give loving care to your body & Soul.

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Saturday 7:00pm - 7:59pm
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Abracadabra Create What You Speak
iLan Azoulai
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