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Why talk about me? Its overrated.

I will let Jesus tell you about me, as I tell you about Jesus. I am just little girl who serves a BIG GOD! Whose Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ. Who believes in Miracles, HIS Resurrecting Power, and who believes the God we read about in the Bible is the ABSOLUTE same God we serve today! HE IS ABLE to do ALL things. YES, the “IMPOSSIBLE!”

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Sunday 6:00PM - 6:59PM
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THANK YOU JESUS is a House of: PRAYER, PRAISE, WORSHIP, AND HIS LIVING WORD! THANK YOU JESUS is where we unplug from the world, the natural, and everything therein. And PLUG IN to our TRUE POWERSOURCE-GOD. THANK YOU JESUS is INTIMACY THANK YOU JESUS is Miracles, Signs, Wonders THANK YOU JESUS is JESUS THANK YOU JESUS is LIFE THANK YOU JESUS is your Divine Appointment To donate to the show click here
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June 2020


GOD is Drawing You Out!


PROSEUCHOMAI (Pray): to interact with the Lord, switching human wishes(ideas) with the Lords wishes - as HE Imparts Faith.

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