Taj, Taryll, TJ Jackson


Taj, Taryll and TJ were born into the famous Jackson family musical dynasty. Also known as the music group 3T, the brothers have toured and sold more than 3 million records worldwide just off their debut album. In August of 1994, their mom Dee Dee was tragically murdered. This sudden loss left the youngsters heartbroken, shaken and personally traumatized. Fast forward 20 years later, while filming a TV show about their lives, the brothers were ready to come to terms with their mother’s passing. They decided to turn grief into positive action by co-creating the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation. In thinking about the journey of loss that they have all suffered, they decided the foundation would focus on loss and grief and how it impacts our lives in ways that we don't even realize sometimes. Through DDJF's Power Of Love Show, the brothers strive to build a community where we share inspiring stories, interview experts, learn, grow and empower one another to find healing.