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Dr.Olivia Audrey, ND,BCDN


Dr. Olivia is a board-certified Naturopathic Dr, Author & Speaker. Since the age of three, Olivia has been displaying her gifts of precognition, medical insight, and quantum Intuition. Growing up on a rural farm in the northeast, her connection with nature led her to understand the connection between all living things. This led her to pursue a passion for healing and through a degree in natural medicine, she was able to combine her intuitive abilities and medical knowledge to help people in a way never done before. For over thirty years she has been renowned as the natural oracle, who can gaze upon an individual for the first time and know their innermost truths.

Dr. Olivia’s exquisite and current clientele consists of British Royals, Celebrities, Celebrity Athletes, CEO’s, and Fortune 500 business owners/companies. Her recent children’s book, “Arthur Fantastic”, was co-authored with the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and is in stores now. Dr. Olivia leads wellness seminars & corporate strategic advising events for such companies as Alexander McQueen, Nordstroms, La Mer, Neiman Marcus, Jo Malone London, and more. Her and psychotherapist Elizabeth Winkler lead, “Soul Mechanix,” interactive workshops across the US. Olivia has her own book on her healing protocol.

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Wednesday 12:00PM - 12:59PM
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The intention of the Liv Better Podcast is to empower the modern women within the home, workplace and society to identify and uncover their own personal spark of creativity and inspiration and reinvent themselves at any age and stage of life. The Listeners will journey through a series of guided meditations and self identification exercises designed to pull from each person their true source of passion and disassemble any mental emotional or spiritual roadblocks and beliefs that may hinder their success. As women, we understand ourselves more than anyone else and the time has never been more apparent to encourage our internal development and evolution.

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October 2020


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September 2020


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Melissa Kathryn is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Emotional Eating and Trauma Healer, Hypnotherapist, Body Intuitive, International Best Selling Author and Speaker.

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Dr. Shawn Higgins, D.O., shares her expertise in Osteopathic manipulation, Cranio treatments, and sound therapy as methods of healing the body and the mental, physical & spiritual aspects of each person and works to encourage balance and harmony among these elements.