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Joe Martinez


August 23, 1977 was a typical day for Joe when he arrived at Cabrillo Beach, in San Pedro, California, or so he thought. As it turned out, he experienced a catastrophic surfing accident that nearly took his life.


While surfing, Joe hit his head on a reef and suffered a devastating injury to his spinal cord. His first post accident surgical neck fusion attempt mysteriously rendered him legally blind in his left eye. Consequently, he has depended on a powered wheelchair for mobility for the past four decades.


At the time of Joe’s injury, the struggle for Disability Rights was being fought on the streets of America, laying the groundwork for a future transformation to society. The beginning of that transformation arrived with the passage of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). President George H.W. Bush signed the ADA into law on July 26, 1990.

Joe went through a transformation of his own when he found his calling: to promote the ADA principles of equality, accessibility and freedom. He immersed himself in disability law becoming a specialist in Titles I and III of the ADA. Since then, Joe has consulted countless organizations spanning the nation, across a spectrum of industries as an expert in ADA law.

A few years after learning disability law, the acting bug bit. Once again, Joe immersed himself in study, but this time he studied acting and filmmaking.

Besides acting, Joe has produced and directed projects and managed talent.


In 2017, Joe’s life story was captured in the documentary film Freedom to Roll that also chronicles the ongoing struggle for disability rights in America. Since production of Freedom to Roll, Joe has assembled a dynamic team of individuals to launch the trail blazing, B2B Access Advisor, ADA Supreme.

While Joe has played numerous roles over the years on stage and in life, his favorite is being a champion of rights for people living with disabilities and challenges.

Alex Martinez


Alex Martinez has been a caregiver to his older brother Joe for the past forty-plus years. However, this is only one of many roles Alex has held in his life. Most notably, he is an accomplished professional boxing manager and trainer who has been instrumental in developing leading boxers such as: Fidel Avendaño, Sergio Mora, Sammy Stewart, current Featherweight title holder, Leo Santa Cruz, and his latest pugilistic discovery, powerhouse, phenomenal middleweight protégée, Kewon The Beast Harris, making his professional debut in 2019.

Alex is no stranger to the entertainment business. In radio, he has been a radio disc jockey before... at Sonido 103FM , spinning top forty, reading the leading news stories of the day and providing his own brand of humor and humanity to grateful audiences.

In television and film, he has served as a technical advisor in numerous productions including: Million Dollar Baby, Annapolis, Play it to the Bone and It Came From The Sky, as well as a personal trainer to A-Listers like: Robert Davy, Chris Penn, Christopher Lloyd, James Franco and John Ritter to name a few.

In addition, Alex has written, produced and worked on projects such as: Kris Kringle The Movie, Beyond Sunken City, Cabañas and Freedom 2 Roll, The Joe Martinez Story.

When brother Joe suffered a spinal cord injury and had to learn how to navigate his new life with disability, Alex was there, along with his family, to not only assist Joe, but witness firsthand the day-to-day difficulties people with disabilities face. Ever since, Alex has searched for opportunities to increase awareness about the needs, challenges and rights for people living with disabilities.

Alex relishes his return to radio to combine an old passion with an old, yet important, mission as he takes to the mic once again.

Rose Rossier


Rose is a born communicator. Well, no wonder, she comes from a family of educators. Her dad was a high school teacher and her mom was a Special Ed teacher.

Her dad taught English, excelling with foreign students; while her mom worked with deaf and hard of hearing children and students with an array of disabilities. As such, Rose witnessed students with disabilities, and from all parts of the world, overcome various challenges from physical and social barriers, to poverty and discrimination.

However, Rose would not pursue a career in teaching. Instead, she set her sights on the advertising world. She started with a bang – with an internship at a boutique ad agency in London, England.

Rose received her degree in Communications and with all the exuberance of youth, embarked on her career. With jobs in marketing and production in the television and film industry, Rose learned that, "there is so much more to this communication stuff."

She has held positions at United Artists, Nielsen Media Research, The Weather Channel and The Travel Channel and for TV and film production companies. Rose has even spent time in front of the camera as an actress and on stage as an improv and comedy sketch performer.

For over five years, she worked for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation as a content developer, writing articles and producing short documentaries.

In 2009, Rose's mom lost her life to a chronic disease. Afterwards, she cared for her dad who suffered for years from a rare condition that was not diagnosed until the end of his life.

Since 2018, Rose has served as Communications Director for ADA Supreme led by Joe Martinez. She is also a freelance writer and is currently writing scripts for TV and film.

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Wednesday 11:00AM - 11:59AM
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Joe Martinez has lived four decades in a power chair subsequent to devastating injuries he suffered from a surfing accident in his youth. He offers an illuminating perspective to life before and since the ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act. He and his team discuss topics about: accessibility, disability issues and ADA fraud. Guests provide more insight into: serving disabled customers, ADA compliance, health and well-being.  

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