David Hernandez


David Hernandez has been a Community Advocate for over 20 years. For 25 years he worked as an insurance adjuster which trained him in investigating and analyzing issues, strengths that have helped him in reaching out to the community and solving problems. David was engaged in a two-year legal challenge against the 2006 version of Measure R, the Los Angeles City Council Term Limit extension and Ethics Reform Ballot Measure which extended the terms of city council members beyond the two terms voted on previously to three terms totaling 12 years. David has assisted and cared for individuals suffering with Aids. He spent a period of two years caring for a young gay man who reached out to David for support, guidance and end of life assistance. Having spent hundreds of hours at hospitals, doctor’s offices and Aids Project LA and at home; David was at his bed side in Hospice at the time of his passing. David held the memorial service where over 200 attended to remember the young man who prior to his passing wanted to be remembered with dignity and respect. As an advocate for “those with no voice,” David has been an outspoken advocate of No Kill Animal Shelters. David is currently the lead Proponent in the Ballot Initiative to Repeal and Replace the Trash Monopoly (Exclusive Franchise) impacting all commercial customers in the City of Los Angeles. David is a Conservative and a Christian and has strived to demonstrate his faith by his actions. David’s Cell 818 448-3403 Address PO Box 9694, North Hollywood, CA 91609 E-mail drhassoc@earthlink.net